Advances in Digital Imaging and Computer Vision

Kostas Marias


Imaging and computer vision are two neighboring research areas gaining great attention from the research community during the last years. This course focuses on the analysis of the patterns in visual images with the view to understanding the objects and processes in the world that generate them. This subject is cross-disciplinary, drawing on mathematics and statistics, physics, optics, physiology, and information theory, as well as computer science, and has many applications including remote sensing, multimedia, surveillance, manufacturing, robotics, medical imaging, human computer interaction.
Major topics include optics, image representation, feature extraction, image processing and analysis, object recognition, motion estimation, 3D and multi-view imaging. The emphasis is both on learning mathematical concepts and techniques and on their implementation (Matlab) to solve real vision and imaging problems. 
A programming background is assumed, as well as familiarity with linear algebra,

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